Home Interior Design Project-Sembawang Hill Estate

We love doing home interior design. You can experiment colors, texture, compliment accessories to walls and furniture.


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7 interior Designers to Avoid

  1. Avoid Company that ask for Pre-Payments even if very less to get started

You had word with the interior design company and you have finalized them.  Wait them to propose you their design ideas. Don’t give in instantly. Only pay, if you feel safe to part your money. Pay only if they show that they are competent to do the job.

If you have visited few and asked them” How would you know that you would be able to create what I wanted? And without even a sketch of what are going to do or understood, how could I pay? – You would find no replies to this rather they would try to convince on different front.

Do not go for company that draws a rough sketch on paper and give you. Choose the one who is willing to give at least a 2D design of what you are expecting from them.

2.  Choose a reputable company that is verified with ACRA

Check online for ACRA registration of the renovation contractor company to know whether it is legitimate company or not. Take time to visit the company once you have hired them and discuss few details with them.

3. Do not choose a poor rated company

Make sure you check the testimonials of the company and they have good ones from previous clients. Check for before and after photos. Take a look at their Facebook and Pinter est pages.

4. Avoid the company who boost of being the best in the industry.

5. Avoid company that is not providing any warranty.

6. Avoid the interior design company who says you would not find so many services at this price.

7. Avoid company that tries to rip you off. Check your bill fields.

Getting the Most Impressive Interior Designing Services in Singapore

Decorative interior designs enhance the aesthetics of the interiors of a building. The designs must be chosen as per decor of the room. Not only that, the latest designing themes can also be checked in detail for decorating the interiors of a space.

Why Interior Designing is required?

Interior design in Singapore is required for both commercial places as well as residential houses so that both aesthetic and productive value of the space can be boosted. These services are mainly included within renovation projects. In this case, the modern trends need to be considered essentially in order to make the interior designs more emphasizing and highlighting in nature.

Small spaces can be made more decorative, and they will look comparatively spacious by means of adding specialized interior designs. These designs need to be customized in accordance with the customers’ preferences and requirements. Before making the final selection, it is essential to check the available portfolios on the website of any interior designer in Singapore.

How to Get Best Interior-Design Services

If anyone wishes to get the most improved interior design in Singapore, then nothing can be the best option other than hiring the most talented and experienced designer. Interior designer must be carefully chosen on the basis of different essential factors. In most of the cases, those designers are chosen who play the role of renovation contractors.

Those people who are planning to change the boring décor of their houses can surely hire renovation contractor so that an innovative appeal can be gained. The customers can disclose their budget to the designers and if legitimate deals are offered, then they can choose the same.

Versatile designers are to be chosen who can deal with both commercial and residential interior-designing. The professionals must show greater hospitality towards the customers so that a consistent satisfaction level can be easily maintained.

For more information on the services offered, and the fee charged by an interior designer in Singapore, you can simply visit their website.

7 Tips to Hire Home Renovation Contractor

As weather changes and spring starts approaching, most of the homeowners around Singapore begin to contemplate home interior design projects. Has the right idea struck you to begin? Choosing the right renovation contractor is an important step and you need to be cautious. Make sure your one selection could prove correct or fatal to you.

Finding the right contractor for home renovation in Singapore could be a challenge. If you have big property than you might need a general contractor who in turn hires sub contractors for different tasks. Home owners you have bit of experience, would end up hiring tradesman for different task on own and call an interior design company further for assistance.

  1. Pick the interior design company or contractor who specializes in Your Project Type
  2. Have a Detailed Contract in Place Before any Work Begins
  3. Give the Guidelines to contractor for Working In or Around Your Home
  4. Know What Your Responsibilities Are
  5. Look at Work Samples designed to have a fair idea about how things would be shaping up.
  6. Think locally while hiring the services of an interior design company in Singapore.
  7. Make sure they are insured and have no complaints filed against them.


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This FALL Get Home Interior Design – Silversea Project

There is always something for everyone this season. Fall being the most romantic and fun season of the year, we would like to share our work with you.

Are you planning to buy a new home or thinking of giving a new makeover to your present home this FALL. Well, in real sense whenever we take up the project for home interior design, the foremost dependency lies on the types and sizes of many rooms. Talking about home interior design in Singapore where living spaces are more compact, this becomes more important factor. There are different aspects that are involved such as room layout, furniture selection, flooring selection, widow placement, cabinet making and lot others.

Classic and Elegance are the trademarks of the look of modern interior designed home. Architecture and furniture being the quite minimalist but forms the major part of the home. Wait; do not forget about COLORS too. Recently, we have the opportunity of being a interior designer at Silversea. Check out our work below and make sure to leave your feedback for us. We would love to hear from you.

Home Interior Design Singapore 2 3 4 5

Commercial Interior Design- The United Team Lifestyle” Square 2 And Novena Velocity” Interior Design

We  got the chance to do interiors for Square 2 And Novena Velocity.1 2

Screenshot_2Screenshot_3For more details on our commercial interior design work, you can call or visit us anytime.

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Home Renovation- Best Options for Getting Your Home Renovated

In Singapore, getting your home redone is quite an interesting exercise. Firstly, there are many professional renovation Singapore companies, offering you a wide choice. Then, the people’s tastes have improved and modern technology and techniques have entered the sector. With all these aspects, if you have decided to go in for your home renovation Singapore, you will find this piece useful.

The Fundamentals ought to be clear

To begin with, as the owner of your home, you need to be absolutely clear that a renovation exercise is just that and is quite different from building a new home. The concept, the interior redesigning work and the manner of replacing the broken or worn out stuff around your home will need the approach of a professional expert in home renovation Singapore. It should also be understood that it is not just the external appearance alone, but each utility functioning as well. The electrical, plumbing, floor, roof and toilets and woodwork will all be factored in and wherever the requirement is for repair and replacement is felt necessary, it has to be carried out. What would this approach be and how would this expert go about it?

The Professional and Correct Approach

Home renovation Singapore work has to start with an inspection of the premises to assess the exact condition of the building or apartment, and then understand what all need fixing. You will have to have an interior designing contractor who can suggest the complete package to remodel your home and give it an all new look. This will include the floor tiles; do you need marbonite tiles or vinyl flooring would do? Do the faucets need to be changed? Will the walls be repainted or can you go for wallpaper? What is the comparison in terms of the expense involved versus the life span of each? Only a skilled and successful renovation Singapore agency can offer you the best answers to these questions.

Strike the Right Balance Between Quality and Cost

Every home owner knows that the work on renovating a home is not done frequently. In fact it is done at long intervals. Therefore, the budgetary constraints should not come in the way of having the best job done through the most reliable home renovation Singapore company. But at the same time, the insistence on knowing things around, is because, each day newer technology is emerging. This has made things much cheaper, without making any compromise whatsoever on the quality or the life of the work being done. The best example is perhaps the finishing to be given to the walls. The conventional wisdom will say go for painting. Of course, it is nobody’s case that painting is not the best option to give the walls the finish it needs. But if you did some fact-finding, you might come up with the solution that applying a wall paper could cost only a third of the cost of painting, and give you an equally admirable wall finish, if not a better one.

On similar lines, you could consider each section of the home to be renovated and get the best out of the exercise and continue living happily in your home.

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